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Report: Entertainment Industry Gave $14 Million To U.S. Senators

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on legislation next week that is aimed at curbing online piracy, but critics say that it is overly broad and could lead to censorship of legitimate online speech. And according to a MapLight, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that reveals money’s influence on politics, entertainment interest groups that support the proposed legislation have donated more than 7 times as much to Senate members as internet interest groups that oppose the bill.

Rothman Declares Opposition To SOPA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New Jersey Congressman Steve Rothman, a Democrat representing the state’s 9th Congressional District, declared his opposition to the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act on a day when major websites, such as Wikipedia and Google, went dark or placed a message on their home page protesting the pending legislation.

“Occupy The Courts” Protests Planned For Friday

STATE – The Coffee Party, a non-partisan democracy movement to fight corruption and restore self-governance to the people, is calling on Americans to “Occupy the Courts” in protest of the Citizens United ruling that allows corporations to engage in virtually unrestricted spending to influence elections.