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[OPINION] Facing Economic Reality

The release of unemployment numbers for the month of May 2013, raises the possibility of a need to rethink some basic assumptions about our national economic policies. A respectable 175,000 jobs were created, but the unemployment rate rose from 7.5% to 7.6! The explanation offered is that more people entered or re-entered the job market. Reasonable enough, but people have always entered or re-entered the job market.

[OPINION] Motives Aside, The NSA Should Not Spy On Us

You need not suspect the motives of those responsible for NSA surveillance to detest what they are doing. In fact, we may have more to fear from spies acting out of patriotic zeal than those acting out of power lust or economic interest: Zealots are more likely to eschew restraints that might compromise their righteous cause.

[OPINION] Why The GOP Can’t Learn

It’s as if they didn’t learn a thing from the 2012 elections. Republicans are on the same suicide mission as before – – trying to block immigration reform (if they can’t scuttle it in the Senate, they’re ready to in the House), roll back the clock on abortion rights (they’re pushing federal and state legislation to ban abortions in the first 22 weeks), and stop gay marriage wherever possible.

50 Years Ago Today: Supreme Court Stops School-Sponsored Religious Activities

Fifty years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school-sponsored Bible reading in public schools was unconstitutional. Prior to that decision, it was relatively common for children to begin the school day with a reading of Bible verses, though eleven states already had laws supporting Bible reading or prayer in schools overturned at the state level.