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[OPINION ] Ryan’s Regressiveness Redux

by Robert Reich  Republicans lost the election but they still shape what’s debated in Washington — the federal budget deficit and so-called “fiscal responsibility.” The White House’s and the Democrat’s continuing failure to reshape that debate has lead directly and…

[OPINION] What Obama Should Do Now

What should the President do now? Push to repeal the sequester (a reconciliation bill in the Senate would allow repeal with 51 votes, thereby putting pressure on House Republicans), and replace it with a “Build America’s Future” Act that would close tax loopholes used by the wealthy, end corporate welfare, impose a small (1/10 of 1%) tax on financial transactions, and reduce the size of the military.

No guns for terrorists

by Assemblywoman Linda Stender It’s basic common sense – no gun licenses for those on the FBI Terrorist Watch List. It is also the basis of key legislation included in a comprehensive Assembly Democratic bill package on gun violence prevention. Let’s…