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Writer’s Block: Little Women, Jersey Style

When I was a young girl, my favorite book was “Little Women”, a story about four sisters growing up poor in New England around the time of the Civil War. They were encouraged by their mother to be independent, resilient and career-minded. Back then I never realized that Louisa May Alcott was so far ahead of her time or how relevant her story would be in 2014.

Writer’s Block: Life Is A Test, So Review

It’s been a while since I made any New Year’s resolutions. I stopped when I realized that by Jan. 2, I had already failed to keep them. “Why bother?” I reasoned. Anyway, it’s a lot of pressure to remember what you resolved to do or not do, and then to follow through and actually do or not do it.

Writer’s Block: Need A Get Away? Read A Book

Ah, December. Crisp air and starry nights usher in the month where everything shines a little brighter than usual. And if the Farmer’s Almanac is right, there will be lots of snow this year. I always hope it’s on Christmas Eve because that would be magical. Either that, or it’s time I turn off the Hallmark channel where every happy ending occurs on December 24th with falling snow.

Writer’s Block: Merry Mania

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Santa has made his way to our area thanks to Macy’s, I no longer feel like a criminal when I watch the Hallmark channel’s Christmas movie marathon. And I can also listen to the sounds of the season with the volume turned up in my car because I don’t feel like I’m breaking a rule. You know the one I mean: No Christmas anything before Black Friday. After that, all hell breaks loose.

Writer’s Block: The Last Chance Holiday

My two favorite holidays of the year are the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. I love the 4th because it’s all about celebrating how we have evolved as a nation, from the underdog to the top dog, in less than two hundred and forty years. I also love Thanksgiving because it speaks about being humble; that is being thankful for what we have.

Writer’s Block: The Longest Good-Bye

It recently occurred to me that there are many types of good-bye. But the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease produces the longest good-bye of all. An insidious invader that slowly creeps into the brain, then lies low only to return with a certain vengeance, is a feared diagnosis some say is second only to cancer.

Writer’s Block: Passion Is Not a Dirty Word

Most students in New Jersey are coming off a long weekend, thanks to the New Jersey Education Association’s annual teacher’s convention. Cynics say, “What? More time off for teachers”? Teachers say, “Let me see what I can bring back to my classroom”, and students say “Yippee! No school”.

Writer’s Block: First Comes Love

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. One of my older neighbors likes to tease us and said something like, “Ah, you kids are practically newlyweds compared to me and my wife. Knew from the minute I saw her I wanted to marry her and 55 years later she’s still my favorite girl.” I am astonished that such a thing is possible. Just like that? Wow.