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Writer’s Block: Life Is A Test, So Review


It’s been a while since I made any New Year’s resolutions. I stopped when I realized that by Jan. 2, I had already failed to keep them. “Why bother?” I reasoned. Anyway, it’s a lot of pressure to remember what you resolved to do or not do, and then to follow through and actually do or not do it.

State Officials Help Disabled Boy Attend WWE Event

John J. Hoffman

TRENTON – Through the efforts of Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman and the Division on Civil Rights, a disabled 8-year-old pro wrestling fan will have the chance to see his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) heroes compete at a WWE event this coming Saturday, December 28, at the Prudential Center in Newark.

Wharton Music Center Launches A Vinyl Listening Lab


BERKELEY HEIGHTS — Wharton Music Center (WMC) has added a listening lab and extensive vinyl LP (long playing record) collection to its audio recording studio for listeners of all ages. With over 5,000 records of classical music, opera, rock, Broadway shows, and popular music, the listening lab is free and open to the public.