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The Writer’s Block: Are You A VIP?

Remember those back to school commercials from a few years ago that featured ecstatic parents gliding along on a shopping cart in a school supply store? Their darling children stood frozen and expressionless as a voiceover could be heard singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Remembering The Past: Old New Brunswick

NEW BRUNSWICK-The Europa Theater, Opera House, was at 196 Somerset St., RKO International; 41 Albany St. and RKO Rivoli Theatre; 416 George St. It was also known as the B.F. Keith Theatre. The Strand Theater was at 123 Albany St. It was originally a church in 1840.

It’s Me, Maggie: Mommy Gets Schooled

It was a weird kind of quiet. The kids were back at school after a long summer, and we both had the morning off. After the last bus pulled away we were faced with an almost otherworldly quiet; even the pets seemed to know it was an unusual morning and called a truce to their usual sleep-fueled quest for world domination.