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Joyful Rest: Shabbat in the Context of Daily Life

PISCATAWAY – The Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the Folklife Program for New Jersey will present their newest endeavor, “Joyful Rest: Shabbat in the Context of Daily Life” next month. This project includes an exhibit, a full-color monograph, lectures and discussions, storytelling, and more.

Master Gardeners Still On Call

MIDDLESEX COUNTY — Do you have questions about planting spring bulbs? Maybe an unfamiliar bug has invaded your house. No matter what season, if you find yourself asking questions on backyard environmental issues, Middlesex County’s Extension office will assist you through the Master Gardener Helpline.

Writer’s Block: To E.D Or Not To E.D…That Is The Question

This is the time of madness and delirium. Halloween is over, but the lunacy continues. I’m talking about one of the busiest times of the year for high school counselors and advisors, the college application season. Just because I will not need to adjust the picture on my flat screen TV doesn’t mean that I’m not in the outer limits of sanity these days.