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Make it Fun! – Read It And Eat

Kristi, my bonus daughter, is like a real daughter to me. We have such fun and yet we’re so different. This fall we spent three weeks together and the time flew! One of the days she and I went shopping and ended up in her favorite bookstore. While perusing the minuscule section on home and family, I heard her squeal with joy a few rows over and found her holding Diana Gabaldon’s latest novel in hardback.

Make It Fun! – Put It Back!

The other day I had a half hour to kill before I had to be at my chorus practice, so I decided I’d go to Ross Dress for Less and just browse. I’m sure this isn’t right, but I do it often at Ross; I buy something not because I really love it, but because its original price is horrifyingly high and the mark down is too good to pass up.

Make It Fun! – If I Only Had The Nerve

I wish I had more nerve! I remember when those classes called Assertiveness Training were popular; I wanted to sign up, but I didn’t have the nerve. I could have been an extra character in the Wizard of Oz, right next to the cowardly lion; a big yellow, fluffy chicken skipping off down the Yellow Brick Road to see the wizard to get nerve.