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Life’s Outtakes: When Something Gets Your Goat

I really love mountain goats. I think they are incredible animals. One of my main hopes on our vacation last year to Glacier National Park was to be able to take a picture of one of these illusive creatures, with a majestic mountain in the background.
On our first day of vacation we drove all day to get there and arrived late in the evening.

Life’s Outtakes: The Greatest Courage Of All

I was only in third grade when our school janitor, Mr. Bandon, felt I had done something courageous, and shared with me some stories of courage about an army buddy of his named Private Johnson. He told me how Private Johnson had courageously stood up to his own friends when it was tough. “But there was one other time he showed great courage,” Mr. Bandon said. He then told me one more story.

Life’s Outtakes: Courage To Stand Up To Friends

When I stood up to my friends, defending a new girl at my school, the janitor, Mr. Bandon, saw the whole thing. He told me that it can take more courage to stand up to friends than to enemies. That was when he showed me a picture in his office of men from his World War II battalion, and shared the story of Private Johnson, the man he said he admired most.

Life’s Outtakes: What Bravery Isn’t

I wasn’t very popular in 3rd grade, so when a group of boys allowed me to be part of their group, I was very excited. I realize that it was likely because I wasn’t the best marble player and they knew they could win against me, but I was happy to have any acceptance at all.