Author: Michael Goldberger

Movie Review: “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” – Don’t Volunteer

If you had never ever seen an action/spy/thriller, then it’s quite possible director Kenneth Branagh’s “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” based on characters created by Tom Clancy, would wow you…at least somewhat. However, if you are among the other several hundred million of us moviegoers who have been force-fed this formula for decades, you will recognize its long, white beard.

Movie Review: “Dallas Buyers Club” Will Sell You

“Well, that was uplifting.” Thus spake disparagingly a woman who looked like Sarah Silverman in about twenty years as she exited from a showing of “Dallas Buyers Club.” The picture stars Matthew McConaughey as an AIDS victim, circa 1985, who finesses an entrepreneurial way to battle the affliction. Too bad she and her moviegoing contingent didn’t wait to read my review. I might have saved them a buck.