Author: Diane Harrison

Remembering The Past: Elizabeth Memories

Remembering the Past by Diane Norek Harrison

ELIZABETH-The following is from Peter Boroff after finding my columns on Levy Bros.: “I moved to Elizabeth in the 1950s. My father, Max Boroff, was the manager of Levy Bros. for 41 years, working for Milton Levy and then his sons. My memories of growing up in Elizabeth are all positive.

Remembering Hillside’s Past

Remembering the Past by Diane Norek Harrison

HILLSIDE-After reading my April 26 column, Lorna Bechtler sent me the following: “My mother, Edith Burns, worked in Jack & Loretta’s Salon on No. Broad St from around 1934 to 1939. It was Depression time and people were happy to have jobs.

Remembering The Past: The Linwood Grove

Pictured is the smaller of the two ballrooms at the Linwood Grove. This is the ballroom that bordered Route 27 in New Brunswick, between Stoney Road and Prospect Avenue. (Photo courtesy of a contributor)

MIDDLESEX COUNTY – Here are some memories from a contributor: “I worked for the Linwood Grove as a high school student, working in the snack bar, setting up and cleaning the ballroom. I later worked as a bartender. I believe that the picture was a postcard that the owners had made up for advertising purposes.”