Author: Corinne Wnek

Writer’s Block: Blessings and Burdens

It’s been said that the most important job in the world is parenting. When our children are young and need guidance to become responsible and productive individuals, experienced parents seem to come out of the ground like ants at a picnic, ready to offer advice about such things as nutrition, sleep, potty training and later, the growing need for independence.

Writer’s Block: We Are Not Amused

This column is about the birth of the royal baby and why I, for one, was glued to the media’s coverage of it. Now before you stop reading, at least hear me out. Sure, waiting for this kid to be born was a torture for us on this side of the Atlantic and, yes, way over covered. But only the British could rally the masses and put on a spectacle that garnished such worldwide attention.

Writer’s Block: When Bad Things Happen To Good Gardens

I’m getting jaded from all the bad news on TV. Every night we hear about job losses, debt and the ever escalating cost of living. In case we missed it the night before, the morning news papers re-cap it again for us. I don’t need a super-sized container of caffeine to get me going at 6 a.m. Fear has the same effect in getting me out the door.

Writer’s Block: RED, WHITE and WOO HOO!

Get out the grill and the sparklers and celebrate like its 1776! Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, the Founding Fathers of thirteen little colonies, not quite a country, became a force to be reckoned with on the world stage. Independence from Great Britain was finally ours but came with a steep price, largely paid for us for by a scruffy, colonial militia. Think tea’s expensive now?

Writer’s Block: (ke-mens’ment) n. A Beginning or Start

My career as a high school counselor provided me with the opportunity to attend many commencements, or graduations. It’s interesting to observe a whole range of emotions when ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ starts to play. I think this is because we think of commencement as an ‘end’. Some might be surprised to learn that ‘commencement’ really means a beginning.

Writer’s Block: Choose or Lose

I never thought of myself as a calm person. Given my family tree, I am convinced that it is not even genetically possible for me to be calm. Yet, many people who know me would be surprised to hear this because I am not an over-reactor to life’s curve balls. But on the inside? Appearances really are deceiving. Well, that’s for another article on, perhaps, the miracle of modern therapy.