Author: Corinne Wnek

Writer’s Block: Blast from the Past?

Over the past three months, I have been inundated with ‘save the date’ mail requesting my presence at another class reunion. I’ve lost track of which reunion is for which class or what school. But it doesn’t matter because I never go to these things.

Writer’s Block: Got Gore?

I love Halloween and I love the fantasy of Druids, witches on broomsticks and ghosts that set out to haunt us. Zombies are pretty cool, too, as long as they keep their distance. But I draw the line when it comes to assorted body parts as the latest signature piece representing the spirit of Halloween.

Writer’s Block: One Cut That Will Really Hurt

Is there anyone who doesn’t get that we are living in tough economic times? Anyone still buying the fantasy that unemployment is dropping like a zeppelin or that America is heading for an economic upsurge? Reality sets in pretty fast when you take a close look at your paycheck and realize it is shrinking. It’s pretty clear that belts need tightening, but cuts in one area, the arts, will really hurt us all.

Writer’s Block: Wise About Size

Women are notorious for being overly self-critical of themselves and of other women. Men are not immune from this, but women are the clear winners here. Maybe that’s because we compare ourselves to Angelina Jolie, bony supermodels and every other woman we see in the course of our day.

Writer’s Block: Are You A VIP?

Remember those back to school commercials from a few years ago that featured ecstatic parents gliding along on a shopping cart in a school supply store? Their darling children stood frozen and expressionless as a voiceover could be heard singing, “It’s the mooost wonderful time of the year!”

Writer’s Block: Growing Winners

World class athletic events usually produce household names that come to personify hard-work, courage and glamour. People like Gabby Douglas or Michael Phelps, got well-deserved gold medals after all their training and they deserve to be on the cover of Wheaties boxes. But would these athletes still be considered winners had they not won gold?