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Pool Your Resources!

HAMILTON— Pool owners know the pleasures of having an oasis of family fun as close as the backyard. Today, your pool has the potential to make you smile in even more ways, through savings in both financial and energy resources. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to save.

Local Youth To Become Teachers At National Conference

ELIZABETH – A team of four at-risk youth members of Community Access Unlimited (CAU) have been selected by the National Independent Living Association (NILA) to do a presentation about “Living in the System” to attendees at the 2009 NILA Conference in Nashville, Tenn., from Sept. 1-4.

Artists Create Mosaic Nature Mural At Entrance To Trailside

MOUNTAINSIDE—Consider it a modern day totem pole.

What was once a boring, gray, concrete column is now a mural of mosaic panels featuring butterflies, flowers and birds, greeting visitors to Union County’s Trailside Science Museum and Nature Center in the Watchung Reservation.

Social Security Statements For Those Who Don’t File A Tax Return

If you’re age 25 or older, pay Social Security taxes and are not yet receiving monthly benefits, you should get an automatic Social Security Statement in the mail each year about two to three months before your birthday. The Statement is a valuable tool to keep track of your annual earnings, as well as to help you plan your financial future.