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Manning’s Military Trial Begins

VOA News —  More than three years after he was arrested, Army Private Bradley Manning’s court martial is underway at Fort Meade, Maryland, near Washington. The trial has begun for a U.S. soldier accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of…


Bob Ingle Bashes Assemblyman Joe Cryan

Gannett News columnist Bob Ingle not only says Assemblyman Joe Cryan lost respect and credibility as state party chairman under former Gov. Jon Corzine, and he calls Cryan “the poster child for double-dippers” — then  declares that he’s is not seen as a champion on women’s issues: “Can you say emails, boys and girls?”

Ingle says a top state Democrat once told him, “The biggest mistake we ever made was making Cryan our party chairman.”  

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DeFilippo calls it quits

UNION COUNTY — Union County Democratic Chairwoman Charlotte DeFilippo announced that she would retire as executive director of the Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) effective Aug 1 and said she will not seek another term as chairwoman of the political machine.