GOP tried to steal the Nov. 3 election for Donald Trump

The following is an editorial published by the Detroit Free Press that thoroughly exposes a corrupt and unAmerican attempt by Republican Party operatives to subvert and steal the 2020 presidential election.

While the result of the voting was unequivocal, and former Vice President Joe Biden won a decisive victory, there has been an unprecedented effort by Trump and his acolytes to stage a coup d’etat that does not appear to yet have subsided.

Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America and incumbent President Donald Trump is actively trying to prevent him from taking office on January 20, 2021.

Biden exceeded Barack Obama’s 2012 popular vote margin, but his victory in the key states is even narrower than Trump’s in 2016. Part of the once renowned ‘blue wall’, Michigan had voted Democratic from 1992 until Trump flipped it in 2016, when it was the closest state; Trump won by about 0.2%.

This time, Biden earned 2,797,407 votes over Trump’s 2,650,498, to score a 146,909 vote margin of victory in Michigan. A recount would not change that result but

Christopher Krebs was fired by Trump as the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), for protecting the integrity of the balloting process and publicly stating that 2020 was the “most protected, secured election in modern history.”

Trump fired the defense secretary as part of a leadership shake-up at the Pentagon also removed senior military officials and installed political loyalists in their place, possibly raising his chances of dispatching violent oppression on the public in his effort to illegally retain power.

The antics descried by comedian Stephen Colbert on November 7 are still going on throughout the nation.

There appears to be a dangerous threat to American democracy in progress but we can only see minimal responses to these dangers. The Republican Party and the Trump Campaign have shown no significant evidence of voter fraud and their hysterical response to irregularities suggest they simply do not understand human nature or how things work.

However, they do know what they are doing and it is what everyone would call cheating.

Wayne County’s would-be election thieves humiliate themselves, expose GOP racism | Opinion

by Brian Dickerson
Detroit Free Press

Donald Trump’s brazen campaign to disenfranchise Black voters came to an ugly head Tuesday evening when two GOP apparatchiks refused the certify the results of Wayne County’s Nov. 3 election, throwing the fate of Michigan’s 16 electoral votes into uncertainty.

The plot fizzled a few hours later — but only after a spontaneous eruption of rage by voters and poll workers watching the spectacle unfold on Zoom, and not before the would-be election thieves had humiliated themselves on national TV and exposed the overt racism at the heart of their party’s vote suppression effort.

Joe Biden carried Wayne County by more than 300,000 votes — more than twice the margin of his statewide victory. Late Tuesday afternoon, the two Democrats and two Republicans who make up the county’s Board of Canvassers convened for what should have been a perfunctory vote to certify the ballot counts provided by the county’s 42 municipal election clerks.

But Monica Palmer and Bill Hartmann, the two Republican canvassers, had larceny on their minds when Palmer called the meeting to order just hours before the deadline for Michigan’s 83 counties to certify the results of the two-week-old election.

Citing minor discrepancies between the number of ballots counted in Detroit and the number of voters recorded in polling books throughout the city, Palmer and Hartmann fretted they could not be sure that the Detroit count had been on the up and up.

Never mind that the discrepancies amounted to a difference of one or two votes in most precincts, or that the total number of votes in dispute — about 367 — accounted for just over one-tenth of 1% of the 250,000 cast in Detroit.

Never mind that election veterans in both parties dismissed those discrepancies as products of the human error endemic to large municipal elections, and that not one of the hundreds of independent observers who monitored the Detroit ballot account provided any evidence that a single vote had been falsified.

And never mind that Democratic canvassing board members brushed aside similar discrepancies to certify the 2016 election in which Trump carried Michigan by 10,700 votes, a fraction of Biden’s 148,000 victory margin this year.

“I do not have good faith that the count was complete and accurate,” Palmer declared.

But good faith had nothing to do with it. Word that Palmer and Hartmann planned to reject Wayne’s election results began to leak early Tuesday afternoon, and within minutes of their unprecedented vote, state Republican chair Laura Cox fired off a congratulatory press release.

“I am proud that, due to the efforts of the Michigan Republican Party, the Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign, enough evidence of irregularities and potential voter fraud was uncovered resulting in the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refusing to certify their election results,” Cox said.

And as if the optics of two white suburbanites threatening to negate the votes of the state’s largest city weren’t cringe-worthy enough — Hartmann is from Wyandotte, and Palmer moved to Grosse Pointe Woods from western Michigan three years ago — Palmer turned up the dial, allowing that she might be willing to certify election results in Detroit’s white suburbs if the ballots of the Black-majority city were excluded from the countywide tally.

Her proposal outraged hundreds of voters and election workers who had joined the Zoom broadcast of the Tuesday meeting, and they spent the next several hours venting their anger in vivid diatribes, some of which were broadcast on cable news networks transfixed by the spectacle nationwide by cable networks.

“I’m looking at two white people who are working hard to disenfranchise people of color,” said Agana Shah, a Detroit lawyer who recalled being subjected to racist taunts as the child of immigrants.

“You are my middle school tormentors grown up,” she told Palmer and Hartmann. Shah said she had become a lawyer to fight the discrimination she had endured in her youth, and vowed that she and her legal colleagues would prevail in court if canvassers refused to certify the Wayne County results: “No way is my son going to have people like you take away his vote.”

Livonia City Clerk Susan Nash, a Republican who is also president of the Association of Wayne County Clerks, was quarantining at home after showing symptoms of COVID-19 but joined the meeting to express her outrage at Republican canvassers when they voted to deny certification of her community’s election results.

“What was just done to the county is unacceptable,” Nash said. “I am mortified. I am appalled.”

And David Jaffe, a soft-spoken corporate lawyer who was general counsel for Michigan’s Guardian Industries until his retirement in 2014, told canvassers they had breached their legal duty to Wayne voters.

“What you’ve done tonight is violate the law,” Jaffe said. “You haven’t done the thing that the statute requires you to do.”

Outside the heated Zoom session, election lawyers in both parties forecast that Michigan Supreme Court would ultimately order canvassers to certify Wayne’s election results if Republicans persisted in withholding their approval.

We may never know what combination of social media humiliation, sober legal counsel and bipartisan condemnation compelled Palmer and Hartmann to retreat. But sometime after the cable news networks trained their white-hot attention on their attempted larceny, the Republican canvassers relented, agreeing to certify Wayne’s election results in exchange for their Democratic colleagues’ face-saving concession to request a Secretary of State audit of ballot discrepancies across the county.

The abrupt about-face was broadcast on Zoom, but an untimely interruption in the audio feed made it difficult to discern what prompted the Republican canvassers to reverse their votes.

A relieved Mayor Mike Duggan speculated that the Palmer and Hartmann had been overtaken by “common sense,” and certainly the GOP canvassers must have realized that their desperate gambit was doomed to failure in the long run.

But it was too late. Palmer and Hartmann had already expressed their contempt for the electoral process and slandered the integrity of the hundreds election workers who counted Wayne County’s ballots.

Now the nation knows how far their party was prepared to go to muzzle the voters of Michigan’s largest city, and the record of their attempted theft has been burned into the public memory as indelibly as the video images of Alabama police officers turning firehoses on civil rights protesters in the 1960s.

This was voter suppression in the rawest form, the latest variation on the racist theme that has haunted U.S. history for centuries.

And now Michigan Republicans like Palmer, Hartmann and Laura Cox have become its face.

Brian Dickerson is the Editorial Page Editor of the Free Press. Contact him at This was originally published in the Detroit Free Press.

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