McCormick cast lights on Bonnie Watson Coleman & Donald Trump collaboration

For three months, Lisa McCormick has been explaining that the government is so deeply corrupted that both Democrats and Republicans robbed trillions of dollars from America’s middle class while millions of us were fighting to survive the deadly pandemic.

TV & radio news reports on the subject: Zero. Daily newspaper stories: Zero. Debates allowing the candidates to air these differences: Zero again.

In the beginning, McCormick was among a few — Matt Stollerformer Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and a few others — who argued that the Congress handed Trump a $6 trillion slush fund with no strings attached, no real directives on how the money was to be spent and no relation to the emergency needs of patients, care providers or the ordinary people who were in lock down.

Now, the Democratic reformer’s position is supported by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF), the Institute for Policy Studies– Program on Inequality (IPS), ProgressiveTime and Rolling Stone magazines, plus dozens of other progressive candidates, academic observers, and journalists but the big question heading into Tuesday’s primary election is whether any voters know how much that they have been had.

You are going to be angry when you figure out that Bonnie Watson Coleman and Donald Trump teamed up to screw you, and completely outraged when you discover how much but then it may be too late to matter.

After Congress passed TARP in October 2008, the Occupy Wall Street movement did not come to life until May 2011. Lisa McCormick does not have two-and-a-half years for people to get the message and many thousands of Americans cannot wait to get relief from what’s coming.

Bonnie Watson Coleman and Donald Trump built into the COVID response package a virtual guarantee that a volcano of evictions will follow the emergency lock down. Details vary from state to state, but media reports are describing the horrific displacements that are set to begin next month.

Bonnie Watson Coleman and Donald Trump also designed the COVID emergency legislation to cause a breakdown in the economy, so material wealth can be transferred for pennies on the dollar when more well-to-do Americans grow desperate and are forced to sell off their possessions as the nations moves on the worst economic trajectory in history.

“President Trump is exploiting the current COVID-19 crisis to continue his drive to enrich the wealthiest and starve the public of resources that are essential to address escalating health and economic needs across the country,” said Amy Hanauer, executive director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. “The White House is considering cuts to capital gains tax rates, which would primarily benefit the top 1 percent, and it is refusing to help states and localities pay for health care, first responders and education.”

“This administration is always willing to increase the deficit with tax giveaways to the wealthiest, yet it balks at spending that could improve the health and economic wellbeing of communities across the nation,” said Hanauer. “This deliberately misguided approach will exacerbate inequality, hurt the economy, and kneecap our health infrastructure, just when we need it most.”

Bonnie Watson Coleman and Donald Trump turned the COVID crisis into a timebomb that is likely to destroy democracy as we know it. While they seem on the surface to be vitriolic adversaries but that is just a show to distract from the inner workings.

While Bonnie Watson Coleman’s nearly half-million annual household income does not rival that of Donald Trump, they are both clearly more wealthy than typical residents of New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, whose median earnings are about $80,000 per annum, or the average Trenton resident, whose household revenue is closer to $35,000 a year.

When people are selling off land for the value left on their mortgage, Bonnie Watson Coleman will have a shot at gaining assets that could put her in Donald Trump’s league, and the campaign contributors to both politicians are poised to make a killing.

McCormick has been working to defend the victims of this mass slaying, specifically those who own homes and other assets likely to fall prey to the predator class that is solidly aligned with Bonnie Watson Coleman, Donald Trump and the political establishment they represent.

“It is hard to convince people that we have an urgent problem, but the current crises of state violence against citizens, the economic crash, and the coronavirus all make the climate catastrophe more dangerous because there is a chance it won’t be solved, but instead it may be completely ignored,” said McCormick.

“That being said, we are also vulnerable to being robbed and betrayed. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Donald Trump and the political establishment are the predators we all need to worry about.,” said McCormick. “They are coming for our homes, just as they did in the foreclosure crisis of 2008.”

When he said the massive bailout bill into law, Trump said, “I want to thank Republicans and Democrats for coming together, setting aside their differences, and putting America first.” But he knew Bonnie Watson Coleman and the Democrats in Congress were putting their contributors first, same as Trump and the Republicans.

McCormick knows the rise of mass protests and social disorder are a direct response to the authoritarian politics and corporate bailouts that Bonnie Watson Coleman, Donald Trump and the political establishment are bringing us.

“When mass protests against police brutality broke out in America earlier this month, following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis, it was a rejection of politics as usual, a rejection of everything that is usual,” said McCormick. She has informed the public and asked for their help to resolve this catastrophic deterioration of the American republic.

McCormick said she does not believe she can win unless ordinary people take an active role promoting her in their communities and among family, friends and social network.

“I am calling on voters to rise up to the responsibility of their citizenship,” said McCormick. “New Jersey’s calcified, cartoonishly corrupt and incompetent political establishment has backed fools, frauds and fiends. Now they are asking voters to make the same mistakes again but if you want to end politics as usual, then you have to stop voting for the usual politicians.”

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