If only the Trump presidency could be counted in dog years. My apology to dogs. #ImpeachNow

by Helen Philpot

From Helen:

Margaret, I used to assume that the majority of racists were probably Republican, but now I am beginning to wonder if the majority of Republicans are actually racists. How else do you explain a party still standing behind this Make America Great Again Asshat of a President?  And while I know that I am painting with broad strokes, I still just see a canvas of predominantly white people making up excuses for the racist things coming out of Trump’s mouth. The man is 12 shy of a dozen and we need to get him out of office.  Hurry Mueller.  Hurry.

Earlier this week I did that Twitter thing and said that I wished Trump would not come to Texas. And for that, one of Trump’s supporters called me a c**t.  Listen.  It’s not a nice word but I’ll take being called the C word over being called a Trump Supporter any day.  And I have good reason to not want Trump to come to Texas.

Before we all turned our attention to Harvey there was a lot of talk about Trump’s handling of Charlottesville.  In case you forgot a white supremacist… neo-Nazi… white separatist… hell let’s just call it like we see it… a member of the Trump base drove  a car into a group of counter protestors in Charlottesville killing a young woman named Heather Heyer.  Trump said he needed time to determine how he felt about what happened.  His initial reaction was to blame many sides.  Then two days later he condemned hate groups only to then flip again and show us what he really thought by  saying there was blame on both sides. Both sides.  On one side there were Nazis and one of them took a car and ran over a young woman. On the other side there were no Nazis.  None.  Not even one on a bicycle named Rolfe.  Nazis on one side.  No Nazis on the other. But somehow our President came down in the middle, unable apparently to take sides even though we literally fought and won a war about the No Nazis thing.  This isn’t a Mel Brooks play.  These Nazis didn’t dance and sing.  They marched and chanted death to Jews.

And then a few days later another horrible  man – this one seemingly not a Nazi – drove a van into a bunch of people in Barcelona killing thirteen. Almost instantly Trump blamed Radical Islamic Terrorists. No sides. Just an entire religion to be blamed. Of course, that Nazi in Charlottesville being a Christian and all has no bearing. Maybe if more Muslims were Nazis… I don’t know. Just thinking out loud.

Anyway, at this point a natural disaster couldn’t get here soon enough to change the media narrative so Trump did the next best thing. He created one of those man-made disasters called a Trump Rally in Phoenix. And with the nation still trying to heal from Charlottesville, Trump proceeded to whine for an hour about how badly he was treated over Charlottesville. Hey Jackass.  You know who was mistreated in Charlottesville? The non-Nazi Heather Heyer who was murdered by one of your supporters.  Mr. President have you no shame? Are you really that insecure?  For the love of God the other side was marching  in support of white supremacy and the war to uphold slavery. And they were doing so because they felt they had a friend in the White House. Are you truly incapable of being even somewhat Presidential?

Which brings us back to Harvey or actually Sheriff Joe’s pardon just as Harvey rushed ashore.  Everyone knew this storm was going to be catastrophic.  Even Trump tweeted how huge it was going to be as if that somehow made him more important.  And then minutes later he tweets that he is pleased to announce his pardon of the nation’s most famous racist. That’s the way he set the stage for being a Uniter-In-Chief during a crisis. But I’m the cunt.

So I said openly that I would prefer Trump not to come to Texas.  After all, there is no one here to pardon yet. Anyone remember how angry Republicans were at Chris Christy for complimenting Obama’s response to Sandy? Considering how much turmoil Trump has been in since taking office, I think Texas Govenor Abbott probably needs to thank Obama as well.  But we all know that’s not going to happen, Like it or not (I do not), Trump is in the White House now. But honestly does anyone in Texas think he’s going to make us all feel better when he gets here?  The idiot already bragged about how big his win was in Missouri quite literally while rescue workers were pulling Houstonians from their rooftops.  And then hawked a book while seniors were being evacuated from flooded nursing homes.  He couldn’t even stand up to Nazis. Why do we think he’ll act presidential during one of the worst natural disaster in decades?

Mr. Trump stay home. You can Tweet from afar. We don’t need you to come here and remind storm refugees the percentage by which you won Texas.  This State has enough morons in politics that one more isn’t going to do us any good. (Anyone read about the law Texas just passed that will make it easier for insurance companies to screw Texans after this storm?)

But back to Arpaio. When asked about the timing of the announcement, Trump proudly proclaimed that he wanted to take advantage of the huge ratings during a huge hurricane. My God but what a huge asshole this man is. I am not sure we can survive 4 years. Considering it’s Trump, do you think we can count this presidency in dog years? My apology to dogs. I mean it. Really.

From Margaret:

Helen, hasn’t Texas suffered enough? Having the Trump circus come to town will benefit no one. That clown car needs to just keep moving toward higher ground and hopefully that higher ground is Trump Tower never to return.

My heart aches for you, dear, and your beloved Texas.

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