Voice of the People: What comes around, goes around

Voice of the People by James J. Devineby James J. Devine

The CIA finally acknowledged its role in organizing the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, one of the first trades of blood for oil and the inspiration for decades of war, terrorism and hatred.

We started it. The current quagmire in the Middle East owes itself to this fateful error when America’s leaders failed to abide by fundamental American values.

It is certainly more complicated than that, but understanding and owning this mistake is vital to America’s rehabilitation. To truly love America, one must be willing to acknowledge its failures and toil for improvement.

After all, what has always made America great is the belief that we could do better. America was built by dreamers and ‘greater fools’ who believed they could succeed where others had failed.

The evil and greedy have had their hand in things, but everyone like Aaron Burr was outnumbered by such people as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams and so on.

The world would be a different place today had Henry Wallace not been forced out as vice president. Perhaps Eisenhower would not have been elected and Iran would have matured peacefully in freedom and tolerance.

At that critical period in the mid-1940s, Aaron Burrs abounded on the homefront and this nation deviated from the right path.

You would have a hard time finding anyone who has more love for America than I do, but I must admit that I hate American foreign policy.

In the years following World War II, America betrayed promises made to allies during the struggle against Hitler.

Instead of embracing the nations dedicated to a better life for all the people, including those with the least amount of wealth, America joined England and France to help rebuild their colonial powers.

America organized the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, deposing an elected leader so that British Petroleum could steal that country’s oil.

After the French were unable to reclaim their former colony in Southeast Asia, America became mired in the Vietnam War.
Instead of building a stable world peace and introducing our notions of freedom to Russia and China, we allowed a confrontation to develop with the communists.

That ‘cold war‘ would waste trillions of dollars, put the planet on the edge of destruction for four decades and delay opportunities for cooperation and progress.

British and French values, the product of hundreds of years of conquest, colonialism and empire, prevented America, Russia and China from finding common ground.

Today, America, Russia and China are trading partners at peace but instead of more freedom and equality all three nations are divided within by class systems that separate the rich from the poor.

British and French billionaires and aristocrats convinced a nation dedicated to the proposition that a.ll men are created equal to use its power to suppress political systems that were designed to insure everyone a fair share.

America had no influence with which to diminish the brutal communist dictatorships because our leaders created an adversarial status with Russia and China.

England and France taught America to intrude and intervene in the affairs of other nations around the world, exploiting Third World people and earning almost universal enmity.

America, Russia and China are now dominated politically by a new breed of aristocrat while England and France provide far broader social services to their populations than does the U.S.A.

Poverty plagues America, Russia and China far more than it does the old world European states, which have largely become socialist democracies.

Capitalism drives the economies of America, Russia and China and with it, corruption flourishes.

America is a fundamentally good country. Americans are good people with good values who want to do the right thing.

Our leadership is rotten to the core, corrupted by money and power, blinded to our traditional ideals and uncaring about decency and justice.

Americans can still achieve sweeping change, but we need to find a way around the menacing threats posed by our own government and political institutions corrupted by dirty money.

It will not be easy, but the alternative is to allow continued erosion of our civil rights, until the vast majority of citizens are without power.

In essence, we have reached a point where the Revolutionary slogan is less a challenge to an enemy than a choice we must make for ourselves: Live free or die.

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