Congressional Candidate Offers Thoughts On Restoring The American Dream

As I travel New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, I am constantly buoyed by the wonderful people who live here; who understand and cherish the American values and principles upon which this great nation was founded. These are the same values which conservatives wish to preserve and restore to our national conversation: The liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights; the idea that government exists to protect and preserve the rights of the individual citizen; and that one generation should not leave to the next generation the burden of unpaid public debt. This is the reason that I’ve taken on the challenge of running for Congress. I can no longer sit idly by watching career politicians destroy the nation that I love.

Politicians, on both sides of the aisle, have consistently voted for programs and spending designed to benefit themselves and their establishment cronies, while ignoring the values and needs of the people they were elected to serve. The result has been a massive governmental leviathan seeking to regulate the lives of the citizenry far beyond the bounds of the enumerated powers given to it under the Constitution; and a debt beyond what this generation can repay.

The cost of this to the American people has been devastating. Adding unfunded liabilities to the debt that is accruing each year has left each American taxpayer responsible for $750,000. And, as the government has grown in size and scope, our private sector economy has been forced to whither and shrink.

Politicians and bureaucrats with questionable ethics and principles should not be directing our everyday lives. Economists and businessmen understand this threat to our economy and our sovereignty. People of faith understand the immorality of leaving this level of indebtedness to our children. This has been lost on my opponent, incumbent Congressman Leonard Lance, who has consistently voted to increase the debt ceiling and expand the reach and power of the Federal government by voting for Cap & Trade and to fund Obamacare.

The America I envision embraces the governing principles that our Founding Fathers staked their lives, their fortune, and their sacred honor on, so that we might live as a free people.

The limited Federal government our Founders created a civil society that protected political and economic freedom and unleashed, for the first time, the incredible potential of man through the mechanism of unfettered Capitalism. Working without government constraints, it took just over 150 years for America to be elevated into the greatest force for good in the long history of the world. This was achieved by unleashing human ingenuity and creativity in a way never before seen in human history.

Our explosive economic growth, fueled by technological innovation found nowhere else, raised the standard of living of the entire world far beyond anything previously envisioned or experienced anywhere. A delicate but powerful balance emerged between innovators, investors and workers. Today, repeated government interference has perverted this relationship, causing innovation to be suppressed and investment to sit idle or go elsewhere. Today, we outsource our jobs. Tomorrow, we may end up outsourcing the future of the American workforce…our own children.

Those innovative forces remain dormant in individuals and businesses waiting desperately to be unleashed. Innovation is the engine powering the rebirth of American business by providing constantly evolving products to meet the needs and desires of consumers. Today, investors move their precious resources and capital to more attractive growth opportunities elsewhere in the world, and our economy falters. We must renew the principles of limited government to create economic expansion and jobs. It has been proven over the course of human history that there is no greater force for economic expansion than the absence of government interference.

Today, onerous regulations and taxation have become a roadblock that discourages the efforts of entrepreneurs and investors. The result is unnecessarily high costs for products and services leading to a slowdown in demand and, ultimately, lost jobs. We must reverse this big government model so that innovators and investors are encouraged to come together and jobs may be created.

For most of our short history as a nation, we have enjoyed the benefits of a limited Federal government. The American people were free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as they, themselves, defined it. Our economy flourished and our society was civil. Today, our freedoms are under assault and the prosperity we worked so hard to create is being squandered by tone-deaf elected officials and unaccountable ‘czars’ and bureaucrats.

Given the opportunity to serve as your Congressman, I will be an outspoken champion on issues of spending, government growth and morality. I will not allow any more of your principles, freedoms nor money to be compromised. Therefore, it is with great humility that I ask you for your vote on June 5th. In return, I promise to work hard to restore the American Dream for you and your family, and for generations of Americans to follow.

David Larsen
Congressional Candidate, New Jersey’s 7th District

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