Union County College Names Local Students To President’s List Of Honors

CRANFORD – At the end of each semester, Union County College announces the students who were named to the President’s List in recognition of their academic excellence. Consideration for the President’s List is based upon quality points earned as a result of the student’s grades and number of credits carried. Only matriculated students are eligible for President’s List recognition.

To qualify, a student carrying at least 15 credits for a semester must achieve a minimum 3.50 grade-point average out of a possible 4.00, with every grade being a “B” or higher. A matriculated student carrying 12 credits during one semester is eligible for the President’s List if he/she achieves a GPA of 3.75 or better, with no grade lower than a “B”


A part-time matriculated student will be considered for the President’s List if he/she has earned at least 12 credits and has attained a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.00. Once this minimum is met, the student must carry no less than six credits and attain a semester average 3.75 with no grade lower than a “B”.

The following students were among those honored:

Diana M Worden of Basking Ridge
Marta Babinska of Bayonne
Dillon Ceglio of Bayonne
Enrico Mecenas of Beachwood
Debbie Fakhoury of Berkeley Heights
Susan Gail Knutson of Berkeley Heights
Vanessa Vasconcelos of Berkeley Heights
Tiffany Lauren Barbarash of Berkeley Heights
Michael Masullo of Berkeley Heights
Tatiana Paola Varela of Berkeley Heights
Francisco L Brazile of Berkeley Heights
Karen Shieh of Berkeley Heights
Andres Munoz of Berkeley Heights
Marcelo J Acevedo of Bloomfield
Anthony Bernardo Jr of Bloomfield
Deborah Ann Berger of Brick
Suzanne J Hoagland of Brick
Suzanne J Hoagland of Brick
Jose M Dias-Faustino of Bridgewater
Shondell Simon of Brooklyn
Ann Marie Brennan of Camp Lejeune
Joanne Grimes of Campbell Hall
Maria C Hurtado of Carteret
Theresa Botteicher of Clark
Anna Cheung of Clark
Pey Chin Chong of Clark
Shaun P Gaffney of Clark
Olga Kalinchak of Clark
Jessica Leide of Clark
Gina Marotta of Clark
Jamie L Rastelli of Clark
Tara I Risoli of Clark
Peter A Salazar of Clark
Emily Skiba of Clark
Michael Vaccaro of Clark
Cody Wrobleski of Clark
Melissa Barbera of Clifton
Alison K Peretti of Colonia
Stephanie Backiel of Cranford
Ewelina Bernatowicz of Cranford
Nicholas F. Boyer of Cranford
Jessica Castro of Cranford
Maria Correia of Cranford
Shaun P Gaffney of Cranford
Nicole M Gentile of Cranford
Courtney Goeb of Cranford
Corrine Johnson of Cranford
Holly Kalyn of Cranford
Kelly M. Laukaitis of Cranford
Ryan Mason of Cranford
Jane J Mone of Cranford
Audra Murphy of Cranford
Sean A Murphy of Cranford
Eugene O’neill of Cranford
Theodosia A.G. Tamborlane of Cranford
Denise L Telerico of Cranford
Rachel P Wagner of Cranford
Paul Rouland Sr of Dunellen
Michelle Torres of East Brunswick
Tiffany D. Treadwell of East Orange
Tanisha M Walker of Edison
Justin Bowen of Edison
Archana Gupta of Edison
Tyraesha Hagans of Edison
Laarni Mercado of Edison
Amy Novak of Edison
Giovani M. Fonseca of Elizabeh
Gerson Anton of Elizabeth
Alicia A Bracey of Elizabeth
Jessica Y Calvo of Elizabeth
Andreia Gomes of Elizabeth
Jennifer M Hernandez of Elizabeth
Lorraine Hernandez of Elizabeth
Calvin Lewis of Elizabeth
Pierrefils Lewis-Fritzronald of Elizabeth
Marisol Malinowski of Elizabeth
Jacsamel Materon of Elizabeth
Jhon E Osorno of Elizabeth
Abigail Cynderella Perez of Elizabeth
Jovanna Rosario of Elizabeth
Viviane Santos of Elizabeth
Ivan Simoes of Elizabeth
Diana Theresa Soutelo of Elizabeth
Youssef S Abadir of Elizabeth
Jose David Alvarez of Elizabeth
Caroline Bekok of Elizabeth
Teerapak Boonserm of Elizabeth
Anthony Dacosta of Elizabeth
Andre Rodrigues Dacruz of Elizabeth
Mary Espinal of Elizabeth
Kenyi Garay of Elizabeth
Mukta Gautam Dhakal of Elizabeth
Rachel Gomez of Elizabeth
Janis Esleny Guerrero of Elizabeth
Laura Jaramillo of Elizabeth
Victor Jaramillo of Elizabeth
Bhavish Khatri of Elizabeth
Helen Lopez of Elizabeth
William I Lopez-Andrade of Elizabeth
Barrington Mcgregor of Elizabeth
Adangelina Medina of Elizabeth
Georgia Miranda of Elizabeth
Henry of S Muras
Oluwatoyin A. Ojo of Elizabeth
Izabela Pietryk of Elizabeth
Manuel A Polanco of Elizabeth
Diego Pulecio of Elizabeth
Renato Rodrigues of Elizabeth
Diego A Rodriguez of Elizabeth
Antonio Salce of Elizabeth
Brian Silva of Elizabeth
Sumeet Singh of Elizabeth
Nantinee Thongorn of Elizabeth
David Toledano of Elizabeth
Izabela Wojtaszyk of Elizabeth
Grecia Zuniga of Elizabeth
Maria Salome Arredondo of Elizabeth
Paola Charibe Cruz of Elizabeth
Melina Espin of Elizabeth
Barbara Gaud of Elizabeth
Carlos Guardia of Elizabeth
Celena M Johnson of Elizabeth
Eric J Jones of Elizabeth
Aliyah Jordan of Elizabeth
Kelly Komar of Elizabeth
Clara Andreia Lima Maciel of Elizabeth
Elmer Morales of Elizabeth
Jabriel Muhammad of Elizabeth
Keyuana Reid of Elizabeth
Sara Restrepo of Elizabeth
Juan Ramon Torres of Elizabeth
Fabian Garzon of Elizabeth
Bryce S Adams of Elizabeth
Judith Becker of Elizabeth
Dewanda J Brown of Elizabeth
Ana Castillo of Elizabeth
Michael Castro of Elizabeth
Todd Corrigan of Elizabeth
Gabriel S Dindayal of Elizabeth
Denisa Dundova of Elizabeth
Lloyd A. Galano of Elizabeth
Sebastian Giraldo of Elizabeth
Quincy C. Hepburn of Elizabeth
Jose Herrera of Elizabeth
Jerline Jeannot of Elizabeth
Claudia Jurado of Elizabeth
Noella Alice Kabazimya of Elizabeth
Vytautas Miliauskas of Elizabeth
Suzan Mohamed of Elizabeth
Ronald F Morales of Elizabeth
Verah Motari of Elizabeth
Kelly Ocampo of Elizabeth
Christian A Pedetti of Elizabeth
Georges Princivil of Elizabeth
Othoniel Jotham Rivera of Elizabeth
Lorelie Joy M. Roman of Elizabeth
Paola Romero of Elizabeth
Pierre Richa R Rousseau of Elizabeth
Elisangela Santos of Elizabeth
Makensy Similhomme of Elizabeth
Stephanie Suarez of Elizabeth
Lais S Tavares of Elizabeth
Adalina Torres of Elizabeth
Damian C Velazquez of Elizabeth
Jose L Villalba of Elizabeth
Diana C Vivanco of Elizabeth
Jonathan M. Yepes of Elizabeth
Charles J Cruz of Fanwood
Rachael Eannucci of Fanwood
Kerry A Kenna of Fanwood
Sean Scott of Fanwood
Robert Brosius of Flemington
Joanne Grimes of Forestdale
Allison Marie Caiazza of Freehold
Jennifer Kawalek of Freehold
Chelsey L Romano of Garfield
Jennifer Leigh Bartolick of Garwood
Daniel Marques of Garwood
Tiffany Lauren Barbarash of Germantown
Christine Ruth Fryer of Highland Park
Joubert Alcanthe of Hillside
Herberth Chacon of Hillside
Pamela Cody of Hillside
John Wilson Hernandez of Hillside
Taina Jean Louis of Hillside
Flavia Lago of Hillside
Raphaela Luz of Hillside
Vanessa Lyra Cunningham of Hillside
Caroline Neves of Hillside
Elvis M Ochoa of Hillside
Jennifer Oliveira of Hillside
David Rendon of Hillside
Sabine Saint-Amand of Hillside
Elonge Simeus of Hillside
Collie Stradford of Hillside
Vanessa Lyra Cunningham of Hillside
Darline Venescar of Irvington
James Douglas of Jersey City
Andy Alzamora of Jersey City
Mukta Gautam Dhakal of Jersey City
Mateusz Pejko of Kearny
Emily S. Ramirez of Kearny
Catherine Connelly-Gocel of Kenilworth
Denise Da Ponte of Kenilworth
Justin T Fittipaldi of Kenilworth
Rodolpho Frohlich of Kenilworth
Amanda E Saffer of Kenilworth
Chinonso A Uka of Kenilworth
Maureen Wayman of Landing
Cristhiam Anhuaman of Linden
Alexandra T Bergen of Linden
Ainsley E Berrigan of Linden
Carolanne Berrigan of Linden
Alicja Biedron of Linden
Marta Budzan of Linden
Rocio Carrillo of Linden
Charrich Charlemagne of Linden
Mark Cornwell of Linden
Karolina Cywa of Linden
Olga Demaio of Linden
Lezlie M Dias of Linden
Dana Drouskin of Linden
Marzena Ekstowicz of Linden
Jessica Clare Faber of Linden
Anastasia A Filonova of Linden
Richard A Fingerlin of Linden
Mark Forfa of Linden
Solon Frazilus of Linden
Alessandra Gabrieli of Linden
Kimberly Garrido of Linden
Katrina M Gassler of Linden
Biljana Gavrilovic of Linden
Paulina Gebska of Linden
Dina Genna of Linden
Stefani G Gore of Linden
Agnieszka Gorka of Linden
Sabina Klimala of Linden
Anna Kobylarz of Linden
Mariusz Kuzma of Linden
Donnamarie La Tempa of Linden
Martina Macenkova of Linden
Anthony Marino of Linden
Victoria Marx of Linden
Lenny Elizabeth Matias of Linden
Diane Matos of Linden
Meghan Melick of Linden
Iza Mokrzanowska of Linden
R. Justin Moncrief of Linden
Jennifer Nacius of Linden
Jessica Ashley Neyra of Linden
Ana Nunez of Linden
Nicole Ortiz of Linden
Sylwia Owczarek of Linden
Jessica Pinto of Linden
Michael Pirozzoli of Linden
Alicja Pucyk of Linden
Ashley Roberson of Linden
Jennifer Rotola of Linden
Liliam Sanabia of Linden
Jim E. Schulhafer of Linden
Kevin Schulhafer of Linden
Falak P Sevak of Linden
Christina Sigcha of Linden
Nejuwah Singley of Linden
Amanda G Soares of Linden
Agnieszka Sobkowicz of Linden
Jimmy J Solano of Linden
Aurelia Sopelak of Linden
Arkadiusz Stoklosa of Linden
Elzbieta Szczygiel of Linden
Aneta Topczewska of Linden
Aneta Topczewska of Linden
Slawomir Trzesowski of Linden
Chris Tuskusky of Linden
Jose Valderrama of Linden
Sean Anthony Williams of Linden
Marek Ziobro of Linden
Daniel V Sudomoin of Linden
Alison Vanessa Spiler of Manalapan
Corinna A Gallitelli of Maplewood
Susan Duda of Metuchen
Lisa M Garris of Metuchen
Theresa Lannino of Millburn
Monica L Colucci of Mine Hill
Jevon L Dunmore of Montclair
Lindsay Philip Granger of Montclair
Brian Coscia of Mountainside
Pamela L Hoffman of Mountainside
Samuel Vitale of Mountainside
Meredith Deitrick of Mt Lakesd
Eboni S Banks of New Providence
Aline Avanso of Newark
Clara Andreia Lima Maciel of Newark
Elsa M Pardo of Newark
German Saracho of Newark
Aondrette Christian-Sellers of Newark
Nicoletta Stizzoli of Nutley
Lawrence J Schaefer of Ocean Grove
Dominick Hill of Old Bridge
Margaret Shpak of Old Bridge
Colleen Burns of Parlin
Ivan Vysotskyy of Perth Amboy
Kofi Pare Danso of Philadelphia
Paulette Anderson of Plainfield
Janay S Brown of Plainfield
Frank Buzugbe of Plainfield
Kelvin A Galvez of Plainfield
Tyraesha Hagans of Plainfield
Deirdre Hocker of Plainfield
May Lien Hong of Plainfield
Priscilla K Hurdle-Brown of Plainfield
Katherine J Marreros of Plainfield
Ameela E Wheeler of Plainfield
Kristen A Sujkowski of Plainfield
Benjamin B Miller of Plainfield
Damaris I Acevedo of Plainfield
Christine Ruth Fryer of Plainfield
Vonetta A Mcdonald of Plainfield
Deedra Miller of Plainfield
Gertrudis Bernard of Plainfield
Wendy Natali Guevara Gonzalez of Plainfield
Kenyetta I Thomas of Plainfield
Patricia Agudo of Rahway
Hana Ahmed of Rahway
Jwana H Alnajar of Rahway
Eliana Batista of Rahway
Magdalena Blazejowska-Klimek of Rahway
Meaghan Copeland of Rahway
Todd Corrigan of Rahway
Amanda Lee Dente of Rahway
Kristin M Dewan of Rahway
Candie Durant of Rahway
Kathryn A Eldridge of Rahway
Christina Fernandes of Rahway
Meigan Fernandez of Rahway
Alex Garcia of Rahway
Diana P Gonzalez of Rahway
Katarzyna Halecki of Rahway
Colleen Ann Hammer of Rahway
Courtney Kovacs of Rahway
Jessica Lauren Kovacs of Rahway
Megan Marie Latawiec of Rahway
Jamie L Rastelli of Rahway
Kara L Renner of Rahway
Alexavier Rivera of Rahway
Garnet Roberts-Batson of Rahway
Robyn M Samuel of Rahway
Caitlyn Schulz of Rahway
Elzbieta Szczygiel of Rahway
Yessenia Torres of Rahway
Damian C Velazquez of Rahway
Margaret I Walker of Rahway
Mackenzie R Walsh of Rahway
Jadwiga Zarzecki of Rahway
Matthew Loyd Berry of Ringwood
Joycelyn Brown of Roselle
Aondrette Christian-Sellers of Roselle
Natalie Farinhas of Roselle
Fiona Farquharson of Roselle
Catherine Feijoo of Roselle
Mariana Gomez of Roselle
Jorge Gonzalez of Roselle
Kendra Osiris Guity of Roselle
Diana M Gutierrez of Roselle
Belinda Hughes of Roselle
Marwin D Jones of Roselle
Marckenley Mael of Roselle
Bijan Chimere Mekoba of Roselle
Yamira P Montenegro of Roselle
Margarita Ospina of Roselle
Tiffany Paschoal of Roselle
Alvaro Polar of Roselle
Tanya Reyes-Storey of Roselle
Sonia Santos of Roselle
Michael Skrec of Roselle
Lisa Lynn Sosnowski of Roselle
Shashi Tank of Roselle
Johnatan Zuluaga of Roselle
Joycelyn Brown of Roselle
Ryan Scott Angus of Roselle Park
Cathleen S Bolton of Roselle Park
Loida Bonilla-Casella of Roselle Park
Jonathan Builes of Roselle Park
Veronica Marie Buscaino of Roselle Park
Anthony J Costa of Roselle Park
Joanna Holkar of Roselle Park
Muhammad Qasim Khan of Roselle Park
Daniel Miller of Roselle Park
David O’connor of Roselle Park
David Orfao of Roselle Park
Patricia J Pardist of Roselle Park
Mausam Mayur Patel of Roselle Park
Alicia M Plummer of Roselle Park
Amandeep Sahi of Roselle Park
Amy Petronzio of Saddle Brook
Denise Lourdes Torres of Sayreville
Matthew R Brennan of Scotch Plains
Brian Thomas Garde of Scotch Plains
Yulier A Gonzalez of Scotch Plains
Thomas S Hercel of Scotch Plains
Rhiannon Jean Kavity of Scotch Plains
Steven Macchia of Scotch Plains
Douglas J. Mecca of Scotch Plains
Kaitlynn Anne Moran of Scotch Plains
Laura Muravsky of Scotch Plains
Alexia Page of Scotch Plains
Angela Petri of Scotch Plains
David Schmid of Scotch Plains
Elizabeth Seto of Scotch Plains
Vida Tagoe-Kotey of Scotch Plains
Keri M Wanner of Scotch Plains
Joseph Macchia of Scotch Plains
Theresa Botteicher of So Plainfield
Danielle Lieberman of South Amboy
Ashley K Zakrzewski of South Amboy
Milena Giunco of South Orange
Michael D. Belle of South Plainfield
Ashley Nicolle White of South Plainfield
Ibtissam Ahmed Abdallah of Springfield
Marolo Alfaro of Springfield
Anthony D’amico of Springfield
Kofi Pare Danso of Springfield
Omar Dawkins of Springfield
Karen Dietzold of Springfield
Catalina C Morales of Springfield
Sonia Morales of Springfield
Yekaterina Mozolkina of Springfield
Rose Romano of Springfield
Peter P Schroeck of Springfield
Merry C Wisler of Springfield
Karen L Mester of Staten Island
Samantha Depaulo of Staten Island
Therese Crosby-Mizrahi of Staten Island
Lori A. Balzano of Summit
Maura Cavallaro of Summit
Deborah A Daugherty of Summit
Taeseung Kim of Summit
Karen Marina of Summit
Oscar Matamoros of Summit
Heidi Marit Miltun-Gokan of Summit
Douglas Waldhauer of Summit
Karen Marina of Summit
Robert Brosius of Three Bridges
Jonathan Alves of Union
Tatiana Arrieta of Union
Aline Avanso of Union
Jill Anne Babatido of Union
Travis J Boscia of Union
Ann Marie Brennan of Union
Jesse Byun of Union
Jesse Byun of Union
Natalie N Cardoso of Union
Yanina Chuprova of Union
Michelle Clark of Union
Joana Costa of Union
Bismarck Cruz of Union
Boltaire Cruz of Union
Sharonda R Cuttino of Union
Omar Dawkins of Union
Catherine A Deleon of Union
Talitha Sousa Dos Santos of Union
Tam Duong of Union
Sylwia Escobedo of Union
Elwira Folwarska of Union
Claudia Gameiro of Union
Maria Fernanda Garcia of Union
Vanessa Gomez of Union
Raquel Gonzalez of Union
Angelene Jean-Louis of Union
Omrit Kabesa of Union
Kristy Lopez of Union
Mihaela A Lopez of Union
Matthew Lucarello of Union
Shanlie M Lydon of Union
Samantha M Martin of Union
Kweku Mcdonald of Union
Kimberly Meisch of Union
Gisele Mendes of Union
Kristin Suzann Mercadante of Union
Phuong T Nguyen of Union
Freda Sandra Nii Moi of Union
Jason Osoteo of Union
Ellaine Palma of Union
Nelta Paul of Union
Matthew Christopher Peldunas of Union
Michael A Peldunas of Union
Andrea Alicia Perez of Union
Junior Pierre Antoine of Union
Emmanuel Pilao of Union
Andrezej Piotrowicz of Union
Jennifer Rak of Union
Jazmin Reyes of Union
Juan Rodriguez of Union
Petronio L Romero of Union
Thomas Sheridan of Union
Ruth A Singer of Union
Romina Tara of Union
Tamisha Laura Thermitus of Union
Stephanie Laurette Tokpe of Union
Hernan Valverde of Union
Mayra Via of Union
Sean K Wrafter of Union
Kimberly A Reithinger of Union
Damien Kemps of Union
Bryan P Moyer of Union
Jean L. Coicou of Vauxhall
Ryan Alford Parkes of Vauxhall
Elisangela Salgado of Vauxhall
Ricardo Sanabria of Vauxhall
Roseanna Armswood of Wall
Wendi Rachel Kane of Warren
Adriana Wilson of Warren
Jeanette Collins of Watchung
Lindsey Archambault of Westfield
Maria Botinelly-Braga of Westfield
Tara Burns of Westfield
Alexander De Freitas of Westfield
Susan Y Eberts of Westfield
Amy Gould of Westfield
Pamela L. Hernandez of Westfield
Tyler D Johnson of Westfield
Cristine M Kowalski of Westfield
Joseph Larosa of Westfield
Anthony Marotta of Westfield
Robert Orourke of Westfield
Andrew Patel-Schneider of Westfield
Nahid Qureshi of Westfield
Meredith Rivera of Westfield
Janelle Alease Smith of Westfield
Janelle Alease Smith of Westfield
Jared Spero of Westfield
Duangchai Sut-Un of Westfield
Michael O’connor of Westfield
Lauralee Barrett of Whippany
Kevin Robert Janis of Whitehouse Station
Casey Thompson of Winfield
Lisa M Forstenhausler of Winfield Pk
Christopher Capiral of Woodbridge
Grace Deleo of Woodbridge
Jim Ehirim of Woodbury
Palak P Joshi of Woodside

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