Voice of the People: Time Is Running Out To Fix What’s Wrong In America

By James J. Devine

President Barack Obama’s surrender to Republicans is worse than the cost of just caving in on Bush-era tax cuts, although that deprived the national treasury and the America economy of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Obama’s failure to stand up to the GOP betrays his standing as the most powerful man in the world, which undermines America’s strength in global affairs.


I have been disappointed in Obama for some time.  When the GOP refused to budge on health care reform, I did not understand why the President maintained his middle of the road agenda.

The final product does not include a public option, which leaves insurance companies free to rob the American public and consumers enslaved with requirements that they buy something from these private companies.

Preventing insurance companies from denying coverage to sick kids, stopping them from kicking out people when they get sick and requiring that preventive health be provided as free benefits are great gains.

Making Medicare coverage an option for all Americans would have been the most efficient, intelligent and effective solution to the entire range of problems.

Negotiations work like this: You start at one end, I start at the other and we will meet in the middle.

Obama’s modus operandi seems to be starting at the middle and moving toward the Republicans, who stand resolutely at a point far beyond what would have been their ‘end’ if the process was working properly.

Republicans are in favor of killing Americans who cannot afford medical treatment. People with cancer, AIDS victims and many others that have no insurance can expect a slow and painful death because of the GOP’s insistence on ‘limiting government.’

Among their most vocal supporters are those the Republicans intend to hurt the most.

Obama’s opportunity to preserve his leadership role came and left before the Tea Party was in full bloom, but even now he can appeal to many of those who argue emotionally about Constitutional government.

The greatest gains in American intellectual, economic and military power occurred between 1933 and 1980, when a series of ‘socialist’ Presidents from both parties implemented policies that built a foundation for prosperity, lifted the poor out of poverty, provided medical insurance to seniors, gave poor mothers and children nutritional assistance, housed the homeless, educated the masses, and protected workers against unemployment that was beyond their control.

That same period saw the greatest increase in the size of the middle class and vast improvements in the standard of living for almost everyone in the USA.

Only since Ronald Reagan declared that “government is the problem” and began his failed experiment with voodoo economics has the gap between rich and poor widened.

Only since Reagan traded arms for hostages and his successors wasted the ‘peace dividend’ has the world’s only superpower been weakened to the point that our domestic security concerns have infringed on our personal freedom.

From the first George Bush through Bill Clinton’s declaration that “the era of big government is over” until now, American power has been on the decline and on Sept. 11, 2001 citizens died in the first foreign attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor.

Global corporations owned by a tiny portion of the population are gaining strength, winning new political rights and converting political influence into actual power.

The ‘power of the people’ is waning as multinational companies consolidate our sources of information and conspire to obliterate net neutrality.

Once impoverished, communist China has grown to become our greatest creditor, proving that Communism is more economically advantageous than Capitalism. The again, slavery always made more sense to the masters than it did to the slaves.

The chance of recovering from this combination of threats diminishes every hour, but the American people have courage and common sense.

We need to embrace the need for a strong and efficient government that can truly to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

After all, justice, welfare and liberty define America because equality and opportunity go hand in hand.

America needs a government big enough to assure every individual a fair fight against multinational corporations that would exploit them and strong enough to destroy any international threat.

We, the people, must use more reason and less emotion in choosing our nation’s leaders in order to elect people of good character and competence because there is a lot of work to be done.

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