Voice of the People: The Difference Between Democrats & Republicans

By James Devine

Democrats discuss the way forward while Republicans want to turn back the clock.  President Obama said when you drive, you put the car in ‘D’ if you want to move ahead and ‘R’ if you want to go backward.

Republicans believe government is the problem. Republicans believe it’s every man for himself. Republicans believe it is better to let a drowning child be free to sink or swim on his own than to use the collective resources of society to throw him a life preserver.  Republicans believe you should fend for yourself and there is nothing wrong with leaving you on your own.


Many of us like to think we made it this far without a handout and we achieved success without any help, but that is not true. Free public education is not truly free; it is a giant government bureaucracy paid for with tax dollars.

Our nation’s defense is certainly not free; it is a giant government bureaucracy paid for with tax dollars without which, we would all be speaking German or Japanese right now.

There are a lot of giant government bureaucracies the Republicans would just like to destroy.

They say the private sector can do anything better than the government but I challenge you to walk into Fed Ex or UPS and tell them you want a letter delivered across the country for 44 cents.

Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance are giant government bureaucracies paid for with taxes contributed by every working American, from the first dollar you earn — but not with any share placed on the top wages of the richest people.

Only two percent of the population has income over $250,000 a year, but they receive one-third of earnings. If you are paying too much in taxes, maybe that’s due to spending but perhaps some people are not paying their fair share.

Government does a lot of things that the private sector has no interest in doing. What company would help you when you get robbed or when your daughter is raped?

Is there one you would call if your house caught on fire and, if there were, could you agree on a price before everything was gone?

Life is not fair, but thanks to a giant government bureaucracy you are entitled to your day in court, because even if you have been wronged by a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation, the government gives you equal protection under law.

Free markets reward wealth, intelligence and luck but only the government is concerned about justice.

Republicans want to eliminate red tape like those environmental standards that might have prevented the BP spill or securities regulations guarding against such massive frauds as Bernie Madoff (before the Bush administration stopped enforcing them). The global economic crisis and planetary environmental threats are direct consequences of Republican Reaganomics.

Democrats know the government is far from perfect and many things should be fixed, but there is a difference between a disappointing friend and a deadly enemy. Democrats want fix government and Republicans would like to kill it.

You are not alone. We are all in this together. Democrats understand that and Republicans would pass by if you were lying injured on the side of the road.

That is something you should remember before you cast your ballot by not voting. The Republican strategy of congressional obstruction will become a full-scale war to kill Americans if Democratic majorities are turned out in Congress.

They do not want America to succeed. Republicans believe government is the problem and they would like to destroy it.

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