Change Is Needed, But Unlikely

Pardon me for saying so, but the ‘Democrats for Change’ challenge to the ‘Machine Pols’ has a snowball’s chance in Hades of succeeding.  I take no pleasure in saying this, but the professional politicians are too well entrenched in their positions for a well-deserved change to occur.

The Regular Democratic Organization, with its legions of blinders-wearing loyalists, will once again obey their masters voice and rally the troops to get out the vote and crush all legitimate dissent and challenge.  Once again the ‘corrupt’ political power brokers of Union County will unleash the vicious ‘Hounds of Hades’ to subvert true representative government.


There is no way the likes of Sheriff Ralph ‘Fossil’ Froehlich will be pried loose from his well-worn seat in the courthouse any time soon.  It is outrageous, and at the same time laughable, that this elected law enforcement official, a man who has never met a camera or a microphone he didn’t like, would rather chase a ghost around the courthouse instead of dealing with more important issues, such as illegal immigration and the crime generated decline in the quality-of-life in our communities.

I agree that it is time to change the political landscape in Union County, but until the general public wises up and storms the steps of government with voting ballot in hand and casts out the political prostitutes and brazen bureaucrats who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their constituents’ concerns, political life in Union County will sail merrily along for the foreseeable future.

Joseph P. Doherty

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1 comment for “Change Is Needed, But Unlikely

  1. April 24, 2010 at 8:27 am

    Perhaps but the ‘Democrats for Change’ challenge to the professional politicians is nothing more than a dream, but in America we have made a practice of bringing such visions to life.
    Once a band of farmers and smiths and lawyers decided that they would shake off the yolk of imperial government and declare themselves free. That Declaration of Independence was a ridiculous idea, but it stuck even after the British troops returned to reclaim their property in 1812.
    Barely 107 years ago, two brothers concocted a machine they claimed would fly despite its size and weight and a host of prior failures.
    As a quarter of the nation struggled with unemployment and a dustbowl washed over our agricultural center, a President Franklin D. Roosevelt told Americans, “the only thing we need to fear, is fear itself.” And with Nazi aggression on one side of the world and the expanding Japanese empire on the other, this nation overcame not only its fear but the very real threat of dictatorship.
    When a woman named Rosa Parks refused to take a backseat to injustice, the world came to a halt. A young preacher named Martin Luther King, Jr. armed only with faith escorted America into a new birth of freedom.
    The young president who declared that this nation would put a man on the Moon and safely return him to Earth withing the decade did not survive to see his words fulfilled, but they were.
    An orphan of mixed race with middle-class grandparents had the audacity to hope in addition to courage and intelligence, and America elected him over the former First Lady and a bona fide war hero.
    Looking back, none of these things were possible. Each was dismissed as a hopeless dream by some pragmatist who denied the spirit of America. Let’s remember when confronted by naysayers, the ten bold letters in three short words used by our last example to overcome such idiocy: Yes We Can.
    Joseph P. Doherty of Elizabeth has declared that “professional politicians are too well entrenched in their positions for a well-deserved change to occur” but he neglects that Americans are smart enough to neglect what’s possible when our higher aspirations call us to action.

    Deeds cannot dream what dreams can do.

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