High-End Salaries Boost Elizabeth Budget, Taxes

ELIZABETH – With payroll for the top 100 city employees at about $14 million, a standard wage hike this year will cost taxpayers an additional $550,000, according to publicly available data on municipal salaries.

Two city workers are even paid more than the governor of New Jersey: Fire Chief Edward Sisk, whose salary is $196,370, and Police Chief Ronald Simon, who receives $193,844.


In addition to voting for their own pay hike in December 2008, eight of the nine City Council members approved excessive wages for municipal workers.

First Ward Councilman Manny Grova and Sixth Ward Councilman Frank Mazza defended the mid-recession pay increases and offered a variety of excuses to justify wages that are – in some cases – four times the average family income in Elizabeth.

Councilmen Nelson Gonzalez and Councilman Joseph Keenan declined to be interviewed, while Fifth Ward Councilman William Gallman flatly denied that he approved pay hikes in spite of the recorded vote on record in the City Clerk’s office that clearly shows his support for the measure.

“They deserve it,” said Mazza of the city worker payroll. “We have the best police department. They all do a great job.”

Top Paid 100 Elizabeth Municipal Employees

Edward Sisk    $196,370
Ronald Simon    $193,844
Lathey Wirkus    $171,920
Thomas McNamara    $171,920
Daniel Campbell    $168,319
John Syers    $168,319
John Deegan    $166,223
Michael Kucab    $166,223
Donald Peterson    $163,888
Carl Heitmeyer    $148,574
Michael Orak    $144,542
Robe Inderwies    $147,069
Robert Cowan    $147,069
Robert Lavin    $147,069
Dominick Spano    $146,477
Alexander Sofianakos    $144,542
John Brennan    $144,542
Jon Chisholm    $144,542
Mark Kurdyla    $144,542
Matth Zalinsky    $144,542
Myslaw Radwanski    $144,542
Patrick Shannon    $144,542
Robert Houston    $144,542
Andrew Sandoukas    $141,906
James Bollwage    $128,166
Tyrone Torner    $133,677
William Vignali    $116,786
William Holzapfel    $131,971
Daniel Saulnier    $130,408
Gary Lewis    $130,408
Glenn Hennings    $130,408
James Mckenna    $130,408
John Deresz    $130,408
Richard Turner    $130,408
Robert Doherty    $130,408
Stephen Thelen    $130,408
William Mccue    $130,408
Christian Lysy    $109,164
James Mooney    $128,114
John Bastardo    $128,114
oseph Lavin    $127,366
Raymond Gonzalez    $127,366
Curtis Merrill    $127,094
William Young    $126,524
Daniel Byrne    $125,861
John Horton    $125,861
Michael Rouse    $125,861
Kevin Ryan    $125,751
Richard Shaughnessy    $125,751
William Pinho    $125,751
Michael Delancey    $125,747
Joseph Mularz    $125,741
Andrew King    $125,730
John Berghoefer    $125,459
Bridget Zellner    $124,769
Ernesto Marticorena    $124,328
Thomas Walsh    $123,954
Thomas Young    $123,954
Daniel Sabatino    $123,765
Michael Curtin    $123,765
Michael Fidali    $123,765
Michael Ruane    $123,640
Jaime Colon    $123,421
Wayne Spikes    $123,363
Warren Bush    $122,273
Bernard Rybakowski    $121,858
Christopher Anzelone    $121,858
Frank Bialas    $121,858
Michael Taylor    $121,858
Timothy Lavin    $121,823
Charles Mooney    $121,122
Darryl Robinson    $121,122
John Phillips    $121,122
Sean Duffy    $121,122
Thomas Goessl    $121,122
Walter Clarke    $121,122
Brian Santos    $120,867
Yolanda Roberts    $120,578
Anthony Zengaro    $120,443
John Young    $120,019
Robert Mack    $119,761
Gregory Laspata    $119,617
Joseph Hoy    $119,617
Michael Fanelli    $119,538
Steven Strauss    $119,492
Robert Marcus    $119,224
Jorge Chavez    $119,108
Gerald Highsmith    $119,026
John Jones    $118,955
Brian Soja    $118,160
Dennis Chieffo    $118,160
Fred Robinson    $118,160
James Chrysler    $118,160
John Demarco    $118,160
John Goss    $118,160
Kevin Kiniery    $118,160
Kevin Moynihan    $118,160
Matthew Glackin    $118,160
Raymond Mack    $118,160
Roger Strassburg    $118,160

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3 comments for “High-End Salaries Boost Elizabeth Budget, Taxes

  1. aem910
    April 20, 2010 at 9:52 am


    Information in the employee contract in effect at 1/1/09

    Employee Name Base Annual Salary 1/1/09
    MUNOZ, PABLO $239,384
    KENNEDY, JR., HAROLD $176,000
    BARRETT, JENNIFER $172,160
    GARCIA, AIDA $168,000
    DUNN, JEROME $152,500
    HUGELMEYER, OLGA $152,500
    BITENAS, RIMANTAS $138,838
    ESPERON, RICHARD $138,838
    CUESTA, FRANCISCO $132,192
    DIXON, DEBORAH $132,192
    ELFLEIN, BRUCE $131,700
    GONCALVES, DONALD E. $131,700
    GREENE, WILLIAM $131,700
    COUTO, LUIS R. $129,900
    FINCH-JOHNSON, JUDY $129,900
    METTLEN, SUSAN B. $129,900
    REMUS, ANN MARIE $129,900
    CANDELINO, BEN $129,176
    GAINES, SHARON $127,301
    MORRIS, ANDREW $127,301
    NUFRIO, VITO $126,582
    FINNERTY, HAROLD $125,758
    JACKUS, EDWARD $125,758
    HURD, THELMA C. $124,619
    WILLIAMS, STEPHEN J. $122,921
    BRADY, DEBORAH $121,377
    ENGESSER, JOSEPH $121,377
    PAIGE, ARLENE $121,127
    GEORGETTE, NANCY $120,726
    MALTA, FRANK $120,726
    PULLEN, PAMELA S. $120,726
    DEPRE, ELAINE $120,686
    MARCHETTI, DAPHNE C. $120,686
    CIRMINELLO, AMY $120,000
    LEAVITT, JAMIE $120,000
    MARKOWITZ, TRACY $120,000
    WEBB, MICHAEL $119,665
    MANIES, DANIEL $118,193
    MATLOSZ, RONALD $118,117
    KUZNITZ, DORA $116,795
    GOLDBLATT, AARON $115,723
    TOMEK, JOAN $115,441
    BAQUERO, ISABEL $114,495
    CARBONE, ROSA $114,495
    MORETTI, JOHN $113,716
    O’DEA, ANNE $113,716
    SANCHEZ, MARI CELI $111,713
    SENISZYN, LINDA S. $111,650
    GIL, ANNAMARIE $109,690
    GONZALEZ, MANUEL E. $109,690
    SKOPAK, CAROLANN $109,118
    CEDENO, JENNIFER $108,837
    MOSELEY, LYLE $108,652
    DELANEY, ROBERT $108,641
    MENDES, HOLLIS $107,645
    GOMEZ, PHILIP $107,543
    HARTE, SANDRA $107,299
    ALT, LOUIS $107,059
    MORRIS, CHARLES $106,975
    KELLY, LINDA-LEE $106,569
    MIKROS, GEORGE E. $105,940
    DUNN, VALERIE $105,300
    TIGHE, LITEOVE $105,254
    O’DONNELL, THOMAS $105,202
    UR, JANICE $104,129
    CORTES, JR. RAFAEL A. $103,757
    DI PROFIO, KATHY $103,452
    LUCIO, CARLOS M. $103,163
    ALVAREZ, MARIA $102,809
    CIRASA, NANCY $102,135
    STEWART, ALINA M. $102,135
    RINALDO, MATTHEW $101,725

  2. aem910
    April 20, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Will you also be running an article with a list of salaries of employees from the Elizabeth Board of Education? I believe Pablo the Superintendent makes appox. $250,000.00.

  3. mzmtierney
    April 14, 2010 at 11:23 am

    We could compare our city’s top 100 city employees’ salaries to the proposal from our government about making teacher give up their standard wage hike, oh we are all over that one and even wishing our governor’s death, How come we don’t ask our city employees to give up only 10% of their salary, and no wage hike for one or a couple of years? This would be a way to keep property taxes down, once we do it, and then perhaps towns across NJ would follow. Yeah right? You see, we critiqued our governor but we don’t say, here, I’m willing to help too!! I happen to think that government wastes so much money at every level, local, state and federal and if we the citizens just continue to watch and don’t do anything about it, at least say something. We don’t even vote to elect all these local and state officials anymore…not only this mess isn’t going to get better, but we are digging a deeper hole. I know, we didn’t start the mess, we could try to fix it.

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