When Do We Say “Enough?”

After reading the letter by Helen Philpot in the August 28-September 3, 2009 issue of The Atom Tabloid titled “I really mean it”, I feel strongly compelled to respond.

Ms. Philpot’s rant regarding questionable hairstyles at the town meetings seems to conclude that what a person looks like somehow invalidates the content of what they are saying. I believe that she has totally missed the point of the opposition to the government takeover of the healthcare because of her deep, almost irrational, disdain for those on the political right.


I believe that most will agree that there needs to be some level of reform of healthcare, in order to control the ever increasing-costs, but another takeover of a private industry by an already-bloated government is certainly not the answer.

None of the bills proposed by the Democrat-controlled house or senate details exactly how the government will be able to pay for the uninsured (which includes non-citizens for some unexplainable reason) without increasing the tax burden on all of us. The wealthy citizens of our country cannot mathematically shoulder the ever-increasing tax demands that the government places upon them. As always seems to be the case, it will fall upon the middle class to fund the needed tax revenue to pay for this unnecessary government spending proposal.

We already know that both Medicare and Social Security have been completely mismanaged by our federal government and are now broke. We already know that our nation owes the Chinese government many trillions of dollars more than it ever did during the Bush administration. Exactly how much more money, and how much more control of our personal decisions, are we to turn over to the federal government than we already have? At what point does the average citizen say enough?

One of the stated reasons liberals were angry with President Bush was for his excessive spending, and yet it is somehow magically not important now that the democrats are in control of government? Please.

We need to look at ourselves as Americans first and always, and not as political partisans, Republicans, or Democrats. Liberty lost is liberty lost forever.

Kim Piersanti

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2 comments for “When Do We Say “Enough?”

  1. dbluesyazer
    September 1, 2009 at 2:14 am

    Kim, if you feel so compelled to respond you should at least know what you are talking about.

    Though you might be a nice person, you obviously have no clue when it comes to facts or reality on this subject, which is very typical of the right wing in this country.

    First off, you stated that most will agree that we need some type of health care reform, oh really? The right wing of this country does NOT feel there needs to be any reform at ALL.

    THAT IS WHY WHEN THEY ARE IN CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT! It is why the right wing has lied about the facts.

    Secondly, you state that non-citizens would be covered. Our beloved President, has stated over and over that non-citizens would not be covered. He has also stated over and over that the middle class is overburned and he would not raise their taxes.

    I agree that paying for this is a problem, although I would much rather pay for something good that helps people like health care than pay to kill people that did not attack us or had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11.

    Senator Kennedy’s plan would be medicare for all as a public option. Now, what is wrong with that?

    The right wing, including their beloved Ronald Reagan fought very hard and used the same exact scare tactics to block medicare in the early 60’s. I don’t know about you, but all the people I know on medicare love it.

    Is it perfect; no, but what is that is run by people? Perfection is a nice goal, but not what I expect. I do expect efficiency, compassion and caring about each other.

    The right wing loves to divide us, they use fear and hate to do this usually by lying and distorting the truth. We should be ashamed of ourselves, that we America the so-called greatest country ever, still does not have a healthcare plan for all.

    I found Helen’s comments to be right on. Sometimes the truth can hurt. If you do not want to use the medicare public option (key word being ‘option’) than you can continue your current plan. I have health coverage that I like, but if I could find something better, why not use it.

    In a true capitalistic economy, you must have some socialism (the government=the people in a democracy control the economy) or all you have is fascism (where the corporations run the economy).

    It seems to me that we are much closer to fascism than socialism. Of course being a right winger you most likely have no idea what the difference is.

    When I hear right wingers call our beloved President both a fascist and a socialist I realize they have no idea what either is. Or maybe they do, because we live in a country that has both, which equals capitalism.

  2. September 1, 2009 at 1:13 am

    None of the bills proposed by the Democrats call for a the government takeover of health care. If anything is wrong with them, it is that instead of going too far they do not go far enough.

    Another fact is that health care costs are rising much faster than inflation and America cannot afford to maintain these expenses, so government intervention is necessary — it is no longer an option.

    Health care costs undermine the competitiveness of American businesses while every other modern country provides this as a service, just like national defense or mail delivery.

    Finally, the quality of care in America ranked 37th according to the best research. Americans deserve quality, but the corporations are polluting this debate with lies and distortions.

    They are trying to kill Americans, only not the same was as al Qaeda. America is a strong country because we are free; but freedom to decide issues for ourselves can be undermined by lies and stupidity. America is also a strong country because we have always helped ourselves.

    This is the time for Americans to help Americans by enacting a system to take care of those in need of medical treatment or other kinds of health care. No Christian can deny that this is the right thing to do.

    Right now, private insurance companies driven by profit are rationing medical treatment for millions of paying customers. They do everything they can to avoid paying for the services people need so much that they bought insurance so it would be covered.

    In America there are nearly 50 million people who lack insurance and another 80 million whose health insurance coverage is not sufficient if they suffer a serious problem.

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