Palin Isn’t Quitting, Just Getting Ready To Fight

By Nina May

OK, here is the setup. Sarah is walking home from the store with two bags of groceries wearing a fur coat. Not surprising to wear fur in Alaska, but thought police don’t care how cold you are, they are still going to assault you, destroy your property and make asses of themselves.

But this time, it isn’t PETA, it is every other nut that hates Sarah, who filed frivolous law suits against her, went through every word, every scrap of paper she has ever created and tried to destroy her by throwing these smear tactics and personal defilement her way.


So here she is standing with the two bags of groceries it took her time and money to collect, wearing a coat that has red paint forming in pools of bills and expenses, distractions and false accusations around her feet. She can pretend it hasn’t happened, continue walking home, holding those semi-precious bags of political clout, titles, honor, privilege and power, dripping a continual line of issues that follow her wherever she goes, or she can stop, drop the bags, throw off the coat and run after those idiots, catch them, beat the hell out of them and then sue them for assault.

It is hard to imagine a jury in the world that would convict her because she is responding the way most rational people do when they and their families are under attack. They don’t just sit there with a target on their backs, welcoming blow after blow. They fight back fast and hard. Self-proclaimed political pundits who say it was a huge political mistake to step down from an incomplete gubernatorial term don’t understand human nature, politics, women, mothers, fighters, integrity, and strategy.

They are so used to seeing politicians cave at the first sign of opposition or accusation. When George Allen apologized for saying a fabricated word that morphed into a racial slur by his opponent he lost his base. He should have stood firm, congratulated them for their concern about racists being elected to the Senate and suggest that they go to the neighboring state of West Virginia and work very hard to make sure the ex-KKK organizer, Robert Byrd not be re-elected. Instead, he blinked, and lost because the base saw a withered backbone and lack of leadership resolve.

It is amazing to see the same people who rushed to crown Hillary Clinton as the smartest woman in the world, when she blew her chance at health care reform, ridicule Sarah Palin as being incompetent to serve as VP. Hillary waltzed into a state she had never lived in and was handed a senate se at she didn’t deserve and she is somehow more worthy than a woman who worked her way up from the beginning of public service on a local level?

Sarah didn’t marry a man who opened doors for her beginning with her first job as a lawyer the way Bill did for Hillary. Sarah didn’t have the hubris to think that after only four years in the US Senate that she was prepared to be the President. If she hadn’t been tapped by McCain, no one outside of Alaska would even know who she is. She could have served out her term, raising a family, returning tax money, holding oil companies accountable and battling corruption.

But someone threw paint on her coat and the fighter in her refused to stand there and take the abuse, the ridicule and the outrageous attacks against her own children. When she threw those bags of hard earned accomplishments on the ground to turn and fight those attacking her, it was a huge act of courage not seen in politics for a long time.

By stepping down as Governor before her time is up, she has done one of the most honorable, sacrificial acts reserved for statesmen, not politicians. She has elevated herself, unintentionally, in the eyes of every person who comes under the same attacks for what they believe. She has inspired millions of women to fight against the rising tide of chauvinism that is creeping back into the society guised as infantile humor by pitiful “comedians” who throw children under buses for cheap laughs.

Dropping those packages, shedding the baggage of incessant, frivolous attacks, she is now unencumbered and ready to fight back. We should all be so brave. And any political “pundit” or advisor who doesn’t get this should go into a new line of business.

Nina May is the founder of Renaissance Women and host of the TV show, Renaissance Discoveries. She is a producer/director with Renaissance Women Productions, an artist, writer, and commentator producing daily radio commentaries for over 1200 stations.

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